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The Foundation Collegium Progressus was registered in Krakow, April 20, 2006


Operational area of the Foundation is the whole region of the Polish Republic. The aim of the Foundation is to create educational, economic, cultural and other socially useful initiatives. Furthermore, for proper implementation of the objectives to promote social and economic development, the Foundation plans to carry out their activities beyond the borders of the Polish state.


The primary purpose of the Foundation's activity is to promote and support the comprehensive development of all people in need or situated in an unprivileged position in life and to protect the health of the Polish society. In particular, we want to promote social activities, social assistance, information activities, cultural, scientific and educational development of the market and democracy in Poland and rapprochement of the people and countries of Central and Eastern Europe. Further aim of the Foundation is the protection and care of the life of the sick or disabled, in particular children and young people, those working to improve the health status of the sick and disabled and young people injured in accidents as starting from a worse position in life. In this respect, the Foundation operates entirely charitable.


In the first year of its activity the Foundation Collegium Progressus earned the greatest knowledge and experience in obtaining grants, preparation of documentation for their projects and submitting applications to the funding organizations. The Foundation also cooperates with European and international public institutions, government, and NGOs, whose aim is to support the structural, financial and economic coincide with our objectives.


Currently, the Foundation Collegium Progressus execute the request within POKL/9.1.1/II/08 "Preschoolers –: opening preschool point in the Municipal Nawojowa" under sub-9.1.1 Reducing inequalities in the degree of dissemination of pre-school education. The project is monitored by the Regional Labor Office in Krakow.


The body overseeing the Foundation is the General Assembly of Founders, and the responsibility for undertaking the entire property is covered by the Foundation, consisting of financial and tangible resources derived from donations, grants and subsidies.


Currently fourteen people are actively involved in the work of the Foundation and the ongoing projects.


The function of the Chairman of the Foundation in its single Board has been entrusted to Mr. Piotr Oracz. This structure allows us making quick decisions, tasks, and rapid growth in the first years of operation.

Contact person:

Chairman of the Foundation Collegium Progressus: Piotr Oracz


Foundation Collegium Progressus

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